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August 2016


It was such a huge error, Martin Scorcese had to go back and correct it frame by frame.  Continue reading “MOVING VIOLATIONS: The Last Waltz”

SHORTS: Lights Out

David F. Samberg’s Lights Out, one of the most popular horror movies of the year, is based on a short of the same name. Continue reading “SHORTS: Lights Out”

REVIEW: Beaver Trilogy Part IV

Rarely does a movie give us such insight into the relationship between an artist and his art.  Continue reading “REVIEW: Beaver Trilogy Part IV”

SOUND BITES: “In Heaven” from Eraserhead

This is a song that can be haunting or hopeful. Continue reading “SOUND BITES: “In Heaven” from Eraserhead”

REVIEW: Green Room

A punk band stumbles across a murder scene backstage after a show at a rough backwoods bar full of neo-Nazi skinheads. Continue reading “REVIEW: Green Room”

REVIEW: The Bronze

Melissa Rauch of Big Bang Theory stars as Hope Ann Greggory, a small town gymnast whose life has not moved on in the years since she won a bronze medal at the Olympics. Continue reading “REVIEW: The Bronze”

REVIEW: The Boss

You’re either a Melissa McCarthy fan or you’re not. There aren’t many people in the middle ground. Continue reading “REVIEW: The Boss”


The creators of one of the funniest sketch comedy shows putting out a movie about a gangster plot to find an adorable kitten named after Keanu Reeves should be a can’t-miss idea. Continue reading “REVIEW: Keanu”

SOUND BITES: “Kashmir” from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Is side one of Led Zeppelin IV really the best music for making out?  Continue reading “SOUND BITES: “Kashmir” from Fast Times at Ridgemont High”

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