Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas is damn near a perfect movie. So when I watched it recently for, oh, I’d say maybe the 50th time, I was surprised to discover a small continuity error I’d never noticed before in what might be the movie’s most famous scene. 

Who could forget Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito confronting Ray Liotta’s Henry Hill, asking, “You think I’m funny?” He gets increasingly upset, and they tensely go back and forth with Henry trying to explain he didn’t intend to offend.

Watch Ray Liotta’s hands in this clip of the scene (set to start about 1:15 in):

When the camera is on Henry as he tries to explain himself, both his hands are in front of him, moving around, as he tries to apologize. But when the scene then cuts to the shot of Tommy speaking, Henry’s elbow is on the table and his hand is up to his mouth.

To find such a small error in such a great movie somehow makes me like it even more.