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REVIEW: A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a horror movie that does something a little different.

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REVIEW: Werewolf

Werewolf is the gritty and absorbing first feature film from writer/director Ashley McKenzie. Continue reading “REVIEW: Werewolf”

REVIEW: The Neon Demon

There aren’t many movies you come away from thinking, well, I’ve never seen anything like that before. The Neon Demon is one of them.

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REVIEW: Kong: Skull Island

There’s a fantastic movie full of revolutionary special effects about a giant ape discovered on a remote island full of monstrous creatures. That movie is called King Kong, and it came out in 1933. Continue reading “REVIEW: Kong: Skull Island”

REVIEW: Baby Driver

“All you need is one killer track.” With at least three levels of meaning, Baby Driver might have one of the best taglines of all time. If only the movie itself were as multi-layered. Continue reading “REVIEW: Baby Driver”

REVIEW: Sing Street

At times hilarious, heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful, Sing Street knows exactly what its like to be 15.  Continue reading “REVIEW: Sing Street”

REVIEW: Snowden

Wherever you find government cover-ups or conspiracies about government cover-ups, you’ll find Oliver Stone, and the case of Edward Snowden is right in his wheelhouse.

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REVIEW: Don’t Breathe

How hard can it be to break in and rob a blind man? It’s such a simple, high-concept premise, it’s hard to believe we’ve never seen it before. And maybe we have, but it’s never been done this well. Continue reading “REVIEW: Don’t Breathe”

Review: The Secret Life of Pets

Does Kevin Hart get even funnier when you turn him into an angry little white bunny rabbit? Yes. Yes, he does. Continue reading “Review: The Secret Life of Pets”

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